Lil Wayne Is A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Alfred E. Neuman

From the top of the charts to duetting (duetting = doing nothing but holding a guitar and making “oh” faces says P4K) with Kid Rock at last night’s Country Music Awards, Weezy’s mug is everywhere. Everywhere but the cover of Mad magazine, because that’s where Alfred E. Neuman’s superimposed (on Lil Wayne’s body). There are a lot of questions you’re entitled to ask after this, like “who let Lil Wayne into the CMAs?” or “Mad is still in production?” or “seriously, who let Lil Wayne into the CMAs?” I have no answers. But I do think the Weezy takeover is amusing. Read more about the CMAs bit at, and push on for a full shot of that Weezy E. Neuman cover.

Also my mom watched the Awards last night and said Lady Antebellum “rocked.” So there’s today’s pro tip.

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