National, Walkmen, Santigold, St. Vincent Dress Up For GQ

MGMT hit the Coachella stage playing their generally freakier Congratulations material in relatively human clothing, which prompted me to posit an aesthetic axiom: The weirdness of MGMT’s music is inversely proportional to that of their clothes. GQ’s taking that to a further extreme with a fashion spread/feature they’ve titled “Rock The Suit,” putting your iPod into formalwear. There’s Andrew and Ben looking crisp and nearly office ready, the Walkmen and the Drums looking well tailored, and a fashionable recreation of Bonnaroo 2009’s David Byrne-curated stage with a shot of Santigold, St. Vincent, and the silver fox himself. And for that lead photo, GQ didn’t make a “showered and blue blazered” joke so I’ll do my best Joe Mande and take one for the team here: The National are showered and somewhat blue blazered. Check the threads at GQ.