Kevan Choset’s Awesome Story

My friend Kevan (NY Times Crossword Puzzle writer, mathematical genius, and unabashed MacGyver fan) told me this great story and I thought you all might get a kick out of it. It’s pretty funny and you won’t be seeing it in US Weekly

“A girl I went to college with apparently became best friends with Natalie Portman while they were at school together. A few months ago, this girl went out to LA to visit Natalie. Natalie brought her to a party where they played the game Celebrity (where you get your partner to guess the names of celebrities by first describing them however you want, then describing them using only two words, and finally using charades). Only this party happened to be full of celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio was there, Tobey Maguire was there; I forget who else. So as if just trying to act cool with all these people wasn?t hard enough for this girl, she had to play Celebrity with them. They were all sitting around playing, and during the round where you can only use two words to describe the celebrity, Tobey Maguire pulled ‘Jake Gyllenhaal’ out of the hat. His two-word clue? ‘Bizzarro Me.’ His partner immediately got it.”


I can’t wait to play this game with Whatevs next time he’s in New York.

Grambo: SO BEST!
Stereogum: Um, Trachtenhotness?

Oh, and if you liked Kevan’s story, you’ll love this. Man, if I had Chris Rock’s old cell-phone number I would punk every single person who called.

Caller: Hi, I’m calling from Jerry Seinfeld’s office. Jerry would like to get two tickets for Chris’ show in L.A. this weekend. Would that be possible?
Stereogum: That depends. Who is he bringing?