Courtney Michelle On Letterman, Gavin Rossdale

Courtney Love made her first appearance on Letterman in six years on Tuesday night. She referred to those intervening years between her March 2004 appearance and getting sober as her “Letterman years,” because after she took off her top and danced on his table in 2004, she was arrested for assault (that night), went to rehab, and did this, among many other questionable decisions. After the interview she returned to perform “Skinny Little Bitch” with her band.

Love was honest about her years of rehab (she wrote an apology letter to Letterman while in treatment), but was perhaps too honest at her earlier interview with Howard Stern. Besides hinting at her feud with Billy Corgan, she also revealed that she had been sleeping with Gavin Rossdale after he had started dating Gwen Stefani.

Nobody’s Daughter is out now via Mercury Records.