New We Have Band – “You’ve Had Band” (Demo Version)

London and Manchester outfit We Have Band call themselves a “disco-rock trio,” which is probably a fair if bare-boned descriptor. They don’t have an album, or really even an EP to their name — just a handful of singles being tossed about as the WHB Sampler, including a demo and a song (“Hear It In The Cans”) that found its way onto the Kitsune Maison 6 tracklist, alongside a cut from Fischerspooner and a Hot Chip remix. Fitting in that We Have Band have drawn fleeting comparisons to both for their mix of heartworn, guitar-laced electropop and dark, Depeche modality. The married couple (Thomas and Dede WP) plus one (Darren Bancroft) — all of whom share vocals — just released a video for “Oh!,” which we’ve stacked with the dusky, clicking post-punk of their demo for “You’ve Had Band.” Pronouns for everyone.

We Have Band – “You’ve Had Band (Demo)” (MP3)

Here’s “Oh!”:

The “Oh!” single is out in the UK on 11/24 via the 50 Bones label. Hear more of the sampler MySpace, including the Kitsune comp’s “You Came Out,” which is bringing PB&J whistling to electro land. Had to happen sometime.

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