Sleigh Bells – “Tell ‘Em”

When BTW Sleigh Bells stormed out of CMJ with copious plaudits for their home demos’ blown-out beats and serrated noise-pop, the most frequently pitched questions centered on whether the needle-jacking overdrive fuzzing up their cuts was an aesthetic choice the duo would recreate on their inevitable full-length, or a happy accident bound to be sterilized when M.I.A. escorted them into more expensive recording facilities. The answer comes in the form of the lead track from Sleigh Bells’ forthcoming Treats LP, “Tell ‘Em,” with a mix that’s both pristine and pulverizing. For fans of “Beach Girls,” “Infinity Guitars,” “A/B Machines,” “Crown On The Ground,” and all the bands that are bound to crop up and cop this sound in the coming months.

Sleigh Bells – “Tell ‘Em”

(via P4K via Sleigh Bells’ band site)

Treats is out 5/11 via Mom + Pop in conjunction with the M.I.A.-run N.E.E.T. Album art’s up there, tracklist’s down here :

01 “Tell ‘Em”
02 “Kids”
03 “Riot Rhythm”
04 “Infinity Guitars”
05 “Run The Heart”
06 “Rachel”
07 “Rill Rill”
08 “Crown On The Ground”
09 “Straight A’s”
10 “A/B Machines”
11 “Treats”

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