The Black Heart Procession – “Rats” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Six, like all Black Heart Procession albums, is a dark record, though, when I talked to BHP co-founder Pall Jenkins, about the record, he hinted at something even more grim than usual on their (yup) sixth studio LP:

I think, lyrically, I always felt like, in some of the writing, I’m trying to get answers for some things. For this record I’ve given up on that thought and I’ve written things down and let things be what they are. So I don’t try to find a solution in the lyrics or give hope in the lyrics. They’re just kind of more direct and to the point. Not direct… but I guess ‘hopeless’ is the word.

“Rats” is full of cynicism and violence, and no answers. It describes a city full of rats, pimps, corpses, and the devil down every alley way. “I take big steps to get nowhere,” Jenkins sings. The accompanying clip follows the lyrics closely — it’d be hard to resist creating the “rats with blood in their eyes” from the song’s own lyrics. It should be noted that the band is based in San Diego, a city that’s never seemed particularly bleak to me. Imagine what BHP would write if they were based in Detroit, or Patterson, NJ. The video was directed and animated in appropriate blacks, greys, and reds by Sean Gillane.

“Suicide” is also dark and foreboding, though it gets a lot of that from its bass riff, which sounds like it’s straight out of a horror film. Once again the protagonist gives in to an irresistible pull — maybe it’s death, maybe the devil.

The Black Heart Procession – “Suicide” (MP3)

Six is out now via Temporary Residence. The band will be on a packed European tour in May:

05/01 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser Slussen/Club Fritz’s Corner,
05/02 – Oslo, Norway @ John Dee
05/03 – Gothenburg, Sweden @ Parken
05/04 – Aarhus, Denmark @ Voxhall
05/05 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen
05/06 – Munster, Germany @ Gleis 22
05/07 – Nurnberg, Germany @ K4
05/08 – Berlin, Germany @ Astra Kulturhaus (Friction Fest)
05/09 – Leipzig, Germany @ UT Connewitz
05/10 – Poznan, Poland @ Minoga,
05/11 – Warsaw, Poland @ Powiekszenie
05/12 – Krakow, Poland @ Re
05/13 – Brno, Czech Republic @ Yacht Club
05/14 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Dobeska,
05/15 – Linz, Austria @ Stadtwerkstatt
05/16 – Vienna, Austria @ Arena
05/17 – Ljubljana, Slovenia @ KUD France Preseren,
05/18 – Torino, Italy @ Spazio 211
05/19 – Stuttgart, Germany @ Club Schocken
05/20 – Luzern, Switzerland @ Sudpol
05/21 – Ravenna, Italy @ Bronson Club
05/22 – Mestre/Venezia, Italy @ Rivolta
05/23 – Pisa, Italy @ Caracol Club
05/24 – Napoli, Italy @ Lanificio
05/25 – Rome, Italy @ Init
05/27 – Istanbul, Turkey @ Ghetto
05/28 – Athens, Greece @ Rodeo Live Club
05/29 – Athens, Greece @ Rodeo Live Club