Okkervil River Deliver A Singing Interview

Interviews can get boring for a band on the promotional trail. Okkervil River, telling people why they should buy The Stand-Ins, came up with a good solution to keep it interesting: Sing your responses. Will Sheff didn’t make Rolling Stone’s singers list, but he and his cohorts do a good job. MTV says the band wrote all the vocal lines exclusively for them (it’s one vocal line over and over), but that doesn’t cover their cover of New Pornographers’ “Challengers,” which they intone while answering a question about covers. Clever. You’ll also learn about Sheff’s “secret shame crush” and the making of the “Lost Coastlines” video.

On releasing a double album

On cover songs

On Will’s secret shame crush

On meeting rock and pop stars

On the video for “Lost Coastlines”

Here’s that “Lost Coastlines” video they just sang out. And here’s the MTV link that gives you a few more singing interviews (see the scroll bar on the right.)