Of Ronsons And Roc-A-Fellas

Congrats to the winner of today’s iTune giveaway. James, Cara, Eliza and I saw this video on Subterranean last night and agreed it is the worst song/video we have ever seen.

Here’s the deal with Samantha Ronson: She’s a DJ/socialite who was “discovered” by Damon Dash at some club last year and was promptly signed as Roc-A-Fella’s first rock artist (album drops in a few months).

Her step-father is Mick Jones of Foreigner, and her older brother is DJ/socialite Mark Ronson. Don’t underestimate the importance of connections, people!

Watch her terrible video for “Tear My Hair Out” (Windows Media | Real). It includes cameos from, uh … Taryn Manning and Wilmer Valderrama? All that’s missing is a fucking Hilton.

Is MTV2 punking us?

Do you like this video? If so, before you berate me make sure you can adequately defend Ronson’s choice to RIDE A SESAME SEED BAGEL. That was the scene that stuck with me most. There’s probably something even more ridiculous in there, but I have neither the time nor inclination to embark on a Zapruder-like deconstruction.

My point is: Samantha Ronson has a video on MTV2 and you don’t.

I cannot wait for MTV3.

You can find some more old photos of Samantha Ronson if you poke around NewYorkSocialDiary.

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