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Band To Watch: Sunglasses

Sunglasses is the Savannah-based pop project of 8000 bam bam (Samuel Cooper) and Baby Seal (Brady Keehn). The approach is bright, upbeat, danceable, and playfully weird with an uncanny sense of three-dimensional spaciousness. The duo’s initial mind-melding took place while they were working on Cooper’s senior thesis film, MILES, aka an “8 1/2-inspired black and white musical short film.” Keehn did the sound design. There’s definitely a soundtrack-y element to parts of their forthcoming five-song self-titled debut. But way more colors. Their extensive list of “heroes” includes Harry Nilsson, OutKast, Luis Bunuel, Big Star, Chaka Khan, Phil Spector, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, XTC, Dr. Dre, Les Baxter, Tribe Called Quest, Talking Heads, and Brian Wilson. Throw some confetti in the air while listening to opener “Whiplash.”

Sunglasses – “Whiplash”

The Sunglasses EP is out 6/15 via Lefse. Two of the tracks — “>” and “>>” — are brief incidental/cinematic blips featuring rain, trains, birds, a splash. They plan to start recording a full-length after a tour of the East Coast.

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