New Final Fantasy Video – “Blue Imelda”

At the end of the summer we premiered “The Butcher,” from Spectrum, 14th Century, the first of Final Fantasy’s two new EPs. (Later, it earned itself a joyfully bloody Jesi The Elder-directed video.) To recap: The five-track EP is a collaboration between Owen Pallett and Beirut. During the Flying Club Cup sessions, they recorded parts outdoors in Quebec, creating “fake fields recordings.” Each track has a kind of woodsy or open-air backdrop: Check out chirping, steel-drum and Condon-lined “Blue Imelda.” The M Blash video flits between two girls with different lengths hair but some sorta shared secret language. It also stars a smeary comet, jagged video feedback, and a creepy dude in a safari hat.

Spectrum, 14th Century is out as a CD EP and a limited-edition 10″ EP via Blocks Recording Club.