Beck, Liars, St. Vincent & Os Mutantes – “Mediate” (INXS Cover)

Beck’s current Record Club has so far covered “Need You Tonight,” “Devil Inside,” “New Sensation,” from INXS’s Kick. There are likely a few more to come (if I remember correctly, Kick spawned 85 number one singles). This latest cover is the most fun they’ll have with a song, probably. The “Mediate” video starts with the Record Club writing new lyrics to the song (the original ones can be easily replaced). Angus Andrew takes lead, and he tries not to laugh or stumble over new lines like, “wake and bake, Jon and Kate, implode my face / with 808s, my boner aches.” I feel like his Australian accent’s really coming through too. Seems appropriate.

The original had a great, Dylan-inspired video: