Gun Outfit – “My Whole Life” (Stereogum Premiere)

As I’ve said in the past and will likely say again, bass-free Olympia trio Gun Outfit create a sort of sloppy, stripped-down, lo-fi American rock played earlier by bands like King Kong or Washington State kin Some Velvet Sidewalk. (For their part, they mention being influenced by Susan Sontag, the Byrds, Horses — probably the Patti Smith album plus actual horses.) This second full-length Possession Sound follows last year’s Dim Light. Like its predecessor, it’s being released on Dean Spunt’s PPM. This time on vinyl or digitally — no CD’s. Also, the band still doesn’t have a MySpace (not a big deal) or own cellphones (bigger deal). They also still rock in a way that feels so excellently effortless.

Gun Outfit – “My Whole Life”

Possession Sound is out 5/11 via PPM. Here’s a video for the last song on Side A, “Phaedra.” Co-guitarist/vocalist Caroline Keith handles the words.

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