Deradoorian – “You Carry The Deed (Hidden Cat Remix)”

Just shy of a year after releasing Dirty Projector Angel Deradoorian’s spare and sultry solo debut EP/statement-of-intent Mind Raft, the folks at Lovepump hit us up with a double-dip of good news: Angel’s busy writing a new record, and will stop the gap between releases with a track-for-track Mind Raft remix EP. First up comes one from Hidden Cat, completely reinventing the acoustic R&B ballad into a shimmery 7-minute dancefloor workout while somehow shifting Deradoorian’s vocal mode from downcast to diva. Since Angel’s back in Deradoorian mode, writing and gearing up for more shows for the project this fall, I figured how would be be a good time to post these photos by Santi Felipe from her EP release show at Cake Shop I attended on 5/5/09, a night where Angel was joined by fellow Deradoorian (and brother, and drummer) Aram and a makeshift band that played to a crowd comprising her DPs bandmates, various Brooklyn band friends, and the Cake Shop’s bartenders. Better 363 days late than never I always say. Here’s that remix:

Deradoorian – “You Carry The Dead (Hidden Cat Remix)”

And another from the EP proper:

Deradoorian – “High Road”

More remixes on the way. And while we’re being exhaustive of Angel’s extra-curricular activities, here’s her drop on Discovery’s “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”: