Juliana Hatfield For Sale

For $1,000 — or $10 and some luck — Juliana Hatfield will write and record you a personalized acoustic song that’ll sound a bit like the tracks from her last album Peace And Love. For $10 she will enter you into a lottery where one name will receive the same personalized song. As we saw with “There’s Always Another Girl (For Lindsay Lohan)” Hatfield finds inspiration in odd places, and likes doing profiles in song form. Says Hatfield: “The money will help go toward future projects (one of which is in its conceptual stages)(and another of which I’ve started work on)(and another of which involves gathering together some of my vast unreleased archives).” Each CD will also come in a hand-painted, hand-numbered sleeve and will never be released by Hatfield (though she will retain the copyright on the song, so you can’t resell it either). Get your song (or lottery ticket) at her website.

She’s not the first musician to raise money this way, though the money is going to something a little more positive than Momus’s fundraiser. In 1999 Momus did a similar $1000 per song deal, though his project was to pay for outstanding legal bills (someone sued him for using their name and biography in a song on his previous album). Some of the buyers included Jeff Koons, Cornelius, and NYC’s Other Music. The songs were compiled and released as the album Stars Forever.