Pure Ecstasy – “Dream Over” & Sleep Over – “Your World Is Night”

A couple of Austin bands and Underwater Peoples Ranch-grads Pure Ecstasy and Sleep Over share opposite sides of a forthcoming Light Lodge 7″. Yesterday the label sent the tracks our way — because they likely understand that diehards will want to hear how vinyl’s warmer pop and crackle gets woven through these late-night transmissions. We last heard Pure Ecstasy via “Voices.” “Dream Over” continues in a similar smeary, lo-fi Galaxie 500-as-slackers vein. For their part, Sleep Over introduce a nice warping-carnival effect and distracted drum pulse into the electro-lullaby genre.

Pure Ecstasy – “Dream Over”

Sleep Over – “Your World is Night”

The split is out 5/25 via Light Lodge.