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Stream Howl Full Of Hell (Stereogum Premiere)

Providence, RI quartet Howl mix crusty, hoarse bellows with triumphant/catchy riffs, a sludgy doom atmosphere, knotty structures, a punk spirit, and a somewhat bleak outlook on things (or, as the press release puts it: “Howl are open about how they draw inspiration from mother nature’s decline”). So, basically, no-bullshit heaviness. Or, as they put it at their MySpace: “Bong-rippin’ Labyrinth metal.” The recent tour with Skeletonwitch makes perfect sense. So would one with an early Mastodon. And, hey, so do those upcoming shows with Eyehategod. The group’s been together since 2006, but before the nine-song Full Of Hell have just one EP under the belts, making this a particularly seasoned debut. Full Of Hell is out next week. To familiarize you with it, we’re offering up a full stream of the collection, from the torrid, deceptively mathy opener “Horns Of Steel” to 10-minute, leave-everything-on-the-floor closer “The Day Of Rest.”

Howl – “Horns Of Steel”
Howl – “You Jackels Beware”
Howl – “Gods In Broken Men”
Howl – “Asherah”
Howl – “Jezebel”
Howl – “Heavenless”
Howl – “The Scorpion’s Last Sting”
Howl – “Parish Of The Obscene”
Howl – “The Day Of Rest”

Full Of Hell is out 5/11 via Relapse. This summer Relapse is also reissuing Howl’s original self-titled EP. Check them out on tour:

05/29 – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar (Maryland Deathfest)
06/13 – Providence, RI @ Club Hell %
06/14 – Milford, CT @ Daniel Street %
06/15 – Manchester, NH @ Rocko’s %
06/18 – Chicago, IL @ Reggies #
06/19 – Akron, OH @ Backstage Concert Club #
06/22 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s #
06/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Blockley #
06/25  – Providence, RI  @ Club Hell #

% w/ Eyehategod
# w/ Pentagram

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