‘Gum Drop Giveaway #64

Yes, in time for the Holidays, a pink Hello Kitty guitar good for a kid sibling or anyone in your life who digs that silent cat. It’s connected to Sanrio and Cherry Lane’s 11-track Hello Kitty World compilation, which is available via iTunes and Lakeshore. The tracklist:

01 “Come On, Come On” – Keke Palmer
02 “Getaway” – Cheryl Yie
03 “Hello Kitty” – Mandy Ventrice
04 “Hey Yeah” – Gen
05 “Hello World” – Ainjel Emme
06 “To All The Girls” – Jennifer Marks
07 “Get This Party Started” – Cheryl Yie
08 “I Smile” – Lindsay Dennis
09 “Take It Easy (Chococat’s Jam)” – The Seventeens
10 “Sweeter Than Sweet” – Emma Hunton
11 “Do You Really Wanna” – Cori Yarckin

If you’re unfamiliar with the performers, no worries, you’ll get a copy of the CD along with a Hello Kitty Fender. Here’s what that looks like:

You can learn more about it at fenderhellokitty.com.