Ben Affleck = Lovable Laughing Stock

Ben Affleck was pretty great on Saturday Night Live. Maybe they hired some new writers? Maybe Ben wrote some of it himself (technically he is an Oscar-winning screenwriter). In any case, this week’s episode was strong from start to finish. Ben poked fun at himself in almost every sketch.

Here’s a highlight…

Ben Affleck plays himself alongside SNL secret weapon Fred Armisen, who plays Frandi (sp?) a developmentally-disabled extra on the set of Gigli.

Frandi: Ben, Ben … I don’t think this movie’s gonna work.
Ben: What?
Frandi: Wellll … the script has a lot of hooooles in it.
Ben: That’s not a very nice thing to say Frandi.
Frandi: And it’s got logic problems … and it’s … and it’s toooo talky.
Ben: Well, that’s your opinion.
Frandi: Gigli is a terrible title.
Ben: No offense Frandi, but I think I know a LITTLE BIT more about this stuff than you. And I think Gigli’s gonna be a BIG, BIG HIT.
Frandi: And you’re falling in love with the lesbian again? I didn’t like it the first time … when it was called Chasing Amy.