Kele – “Tenderoni” Video

Last month Kele Okereke sent an email with a note saying he’d been spending time in the studio with XXXChange, and a picture showing he’d been spending the rest of it in the gym getting totally diesel. This video for “Tenderoni” extends the message, with the Bloc Party leader singing of his DJ’s electronic dance attack with a video conceit that’s somewhere between “Mama Said Knock You Out,” the Junior Boys’ “Bits & Pieces,” and D’Angelo’s “Untitled.” That is: boxing robes and jabs, dark-defying dancers, and shots of a corn-rowed man with an alarmingly ripped torso. Have at it.

The “Tenderoni” single’s out 6/14, with Kele’s The Boxer LP out 6/21 in the UK via Witchita/Polydor and the next day in the States via Glassnote.