Jimmy Fallon Brings The New Pornographers And Roger Waters To 30 Rock

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon celebrated the Fifth De Mayo with a double kowtow to their always-on-point music booker, presenting “indie rock icons” the New Pornographers performing Together standout “Crash Years” with Neko Case in tow as the episode’s musical guest, just after Roger Waters took the couch for his very first televised appearance. Roger agreed to the interview to promote his upcoming tour of The Wall. It’s pretty entertaining, offering bits about Syd Barrett and some band trivia for those so inclined: Pink Floyd’s original name was the Megadeaths (related trivia: Megadeth’s original name was I Hate James Hetfield). In addition there’s the fact that he’s on Facebook now (cue Fallon’s Facebook Wall joke, which didn’t fly with Roger, though probably flew better than one about Elliott Smith’s wall would have). Speaking of flying: the last time I saw Roger at Coachella ’08, the inflatable pig wound up two miles away, looking “more like pulled pork” than an inflatable pig. The roofs on this tour should help Roger keep his pork barreled this time. Here’s videos of the Pornos and the Pork0 from last night:

And here’s Roger.