Dan Deacon Is A Crayola Man

Crayola’s already discovered the childlike wonder of Animal Collective, so it’s not surprising they chose the sounds of the hypercolorful, banana-iPod toting hipster cheerleader Dan Deacon for their latest campaign. (Also, the product is The Glow Station and Dan loves his glowing green skull so really what took you so long, Crayola.) It is however a little surprising that Dan went along for the ride; he’s not always amenable to companies co-opting his wares (especially when it’s done without permission). This was the first time Dan’s ever licensed his music to “a large company,” in fact, and he told his MySpace friends why he thought this was a course change he could believe in:

this is the first time i’ve let a large company license one of my songs. i’ve been asked by several others before but this is the first time its been for something that promotes a company that creates a product that encourages people (children) to make art and to use their minds to create. maybe i’m being naive but i used their crayons.

That comes via P4K. Here’s the ad:

The song is Spiderman Of The Rings’ “Pink Batman.” Guess it was that or “Trippy Green Skull.” Wise choice, Crayola.

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