Surfer Blood Go Noise-Punk With Weird Wives

Surfer Blood Go Noise-Punk With Weird Wives

Who would’ve suspected the guys behind Surfer Blood liked to rock out with their Jesus Lizard out? It’s true: Guitarist Thomas Fekete, bassist Brian Black, touring percussionist Marcos Marchesani, non-Surfer Blood vocalist Nick Klein, and one Allison Grabenhorst have been doing just that as Weird Wives, even before Astro Coast hit and melted blog-minds far and wide. And they’re still going strong, armed with flaming drumsticks and noisy riffs. A couple of days ago Surfer Blood posted links to two Weird Wives’ EPs on their Twitter, mentioning that a third EP will be “coming soon on a 7inch!” Actually, all of them will appear as 7″‘s, the third with a Best Coast cover, according to Weird Wives’ blog. Get acquainted via “Fudge” and “Snake Boy.”

Weird Wives – “Snake Boy”
Weird Wives – “Fudge”

You’ll find the complete downloads for EP 1 and 2 here and here. Or you can forget they’re associated with Surfer Blood and go directly to the blog. This is how they handle themselves live:

Which reminds me … Freelance Whales’ side project:

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