of Montreal Cover Beatles, Lennon

Yesterday we heard the result of Kevin Barnes putting his work into the hands of Beatles-obsessed supermusicguy Jon Brion. Today we hear Kevin Barnes put the work of Lennon/McCartney into the hands of Beatles-obsessed supermusicguy himself. of Montreal are never shy about sharing the covers, and on this spectacular, horse-filled tour of theirs, they’ve been unveiling one practically ever night — Nirvana, R.E.M., Franz Ferdinand. This pair — of the Rubber Soul classic “Nowhere Man” and the Lennon solo classic “Instant Karma!” — come in relatively clean audio form, from a recent session the band did with KUT in Austin. Come and get your share:

of Montreal – “Instant Karma! (KUT Session)” (MP3)
of Montreal – “Nowhere Man (KUT Session)” (MP3)

Those come via You Ain’t No Picasso. Don’t forget, YANP is compiling a master archive of oM covers, which you can peruse here. Also worth remembering: of Monty will be in the Ed Sullivan Theatre to do Letterman on 12/18 with “An Eluardian Instance.”

[Photo from of Montreal @ Roseland Ballroom 10/10/08]