The Chemical Brothers – “Swoon” Video

Big Beat survivors the Chemical Brothers continue their pursuit of defying alternative-electronic genre modifiers with LP7, 15 years after turning the UK music press on its head with Exit Planet Dust. That’s as long as some of you’ve been been alive, so a quick two-step Chem Bros primer: They’re really good at securing dope vocal cameo talent and making equally stunning videos. For the forthcoming Further they’re fucking with the formula, at least half-way: This will be their first album with no outside vocals — but each of the album’s eight tracks will get a “short film” by longtime visual collaborators Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall, packaged on DVD with the record in its physical form. First up is the album’s first single, “Swoon,” with its synths to fit the track title and a luminous beat mix underneath. The video’s all black backdrop with colorfully washed out silhouettes (literally) falling in love, Smith and Lyall’s visual take on beat matching.

Further is out 6/8 via Freestyle Dust/Astralwerks. Don’t forget “Escape Velocity.” The band will be doing the record over four shows at London’s Roundhouse 5/20-23. Check their site for details.