New Fight Bite Video – “Swissex Lover”

It’s getting to be that time when people start asking you to make lists and rank the year in music. Fun! Texan outfit and BTW Fight Bite are on my shortlist for the year’s finest debuts, and “Swissex Lover” is its signature track. The duo of Leanne Macomber and Jeff Louis crafted their swirling, cinematic ten-song set Emerald Eyes in a bedroom in Denton, and their first video combines those charms in this simple, stirring black-and-white visual: homemade images of the pair superimposed on film footage of playgrounds and armies, families and office spaces. It’s a moment of heartbreak and acceptance on a dorm-room budget. Fair enough. It’s been that sorta year.

Fight Bite – “Swissex Lover” (MP3)

Fight Bite explain the process:

it was made from layering archival commercials (from IBM etc.) and news reel footage. world war II to cold war era. there’s some stop motion claymation in there too. the kind of low budget thing a band might have done when they were out of ideas in the 80’s. what B- art projects are made of!

More MP3s here. Fight Bite’s self-released debut Emerald Eyes is available on Insound and iTunes.

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