Club 8 – “Western Hospitality” Video

Sweden’s Club 8 — singer Karolina Komstedt and songwriter Johan Angergård (also in Acid House Kings) — mined African Pop and Brazilian music for their latest record The People’s Record. First single “Western Hospitality” wears those influences well, with its catchy lead guitar line and street carnival vibe. The ending crowd noises, though, sound more like a busy airport than a busy street — maybe the sound of Club 8 jetsetting toward new inspirations? “Western Hospitality”‘s video shows a daydreaming young girl getting ready for her day, and getting bored at work, until she gets to dance around her office mates (Komstedt and Angergård) at the song’s end.

Club 8 – “Western Hospitality” (MP3)

Stockholm duo Pallers, also on Labrador, did this dreamy, synth-covered remix of “Western Hospitality”:

Club 8 – “Western Hospitality (Pallers Remix)” (MP3)

The People’s Record is out 5/12 via Labrador.

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