Sleigh Bells (And M.I.A.), Mr. Dream @ Coco 66, Brooklyn 5/7/10

Ironic that for all the talk about the production on the gut-buckling razor-pop call-to-arms “Tell ‘Em,” Sleigh Bells’ first proper-studio track — their blown-out-to-bits beats swapped for a pristine-yet-pulverizing mix that must be heard LOUD — the band’s overdriven dB output through Coco 66’s sound system made even their new material sound like the distorted demos that set the hype machine off. Of course it’s a look that suits the duo, in a small room that still makes their case better than the increasingly spacious stages they’ll need to play to accomodate having nailed the zeitgeist. The sold-out My Open Bar/Tammy Hart party, pairing Sleigh Bells with up-and-coming trio Mr. Dream, needed no extra promo to be a burner (and a sweat-pit), though Maya playing the part of hype-woman on her protégé’s “Ring Ring” encore was smart promo (and set the room’s dB output to overdrive) in its own way. That track didn’t make it to the band’s forthcoming Treats tracklist — emails to clear that Funkadelic sample probably didn’t make it to George Clinton’s spaceship — but at least it (see comments) is still spiking Sleigh Bells live thing, which you should see wherever, but the smaller the better. Album’s out tomorrow. N.E.E.T.’s one ship that doesn’t leak.

Mr. Dream opened with previously-posted “Knuckle Sandwich” and followed up the aggressively bright “Knick-Knack,” and “Lawnmower Man.” One of their untitled songs (working name: “Winner”) was dedicated to Rob Zombie, sounded a little like White Zombie, but was not White Zombie. New song and set closer “Learn The Language” is an auspicious sign, and one to point to as proof that Mr. Dream get better show-by-show, or even song-by-song.

Swing through Ryan Muir’s photo set; it’s a good one.