The ‘Gum Drop LXIV: Hear New Mark Kozelek, Win A Hello Kitty Guitar

Mark Kozelek’s removed both his Sun Kil Moon and his earlier Red House Painters moniker for The Finally LP, a collection of ten covers including Low’s “Lazy,” Stephen Sondhiem’s “Send In The Clowns,” Will Oldham’s “New Partner,” and this week’s ‘Gum Drop, Hüsker Dü’s “Celebrated Summer.” Many of the songs originally showed up on compilations, but his take on the New Day Rising classic was previously unreleased until it debuted today. We asked Kozelek for this thoughts on the original and his version. Read his words and take a listen Bob Mould’s here.

The Finally LP is out 12/9 via Caldo Verde.

This week we also offered the chance to win a Hello Kitty guitar.

Yes, in time for the Holidays, a pink Hello Kitty guitar good for a kid sibling or anyone in your life who digs that silent cat. It’s connected to Sanrio and Cherry Lane’s 11-track Hello Kitty World compilation, which is available via iTunes and Lakeshore. The tracklist:

01 “Come On, Come On” – Keke Palmer
02 “Getaway” – Cheryl Yie
03 “Hello Kitty” – Mandy Ventrice
04 “Hey Yeah” – Gen
05 “Hello World” – Ainjel Emme
06 “To All The Girls” – Jennifer Marks
07 “Get This Party Started” – Cheryl Yie
08 “I Smile” – Lindsay Dennis
09 “Take It Easy (Chococat’s Jam)” – The Seventeens
10 “Sweeter Than Sweet” – Emma Hunton
11 “Do You Really Wanna” – Cori Yarckin

If you’re unfamiliar with the performers, no worries, you’ll get a copy of the CD along with a Hello Kitty Fender. Here’s what that looks like:

You can learn more about it at And, if you want to win it, you can enter here. Also, if you’re a New Order fan, there’s still time to win those five Factory reissues: Enter now.