Memoryhouse – “Lately (Deuxieme)” Video

The Glasslands Gallery on Kent St. in Williamsburg is already a rich visual environment, its latest cloud-formation installation making most any band fantastically photogenic. However Memoryhouse, whose memorable set at that space last Friday was a dreamy, hypnotically hazed thirty-minute reprieve from the lineup’s more energetic outfits, upped the native aesthetic by supplying their own projections, illuminating the clouds with footage matching their washy, Low on Beach House mood music. I’m told it was one of their first shows, so the visual component’s clearly integral  for the young Canadians, supported here by their beautifully bittersweet Church and Steak treatment for their debut music video. “Lately (Deuxieme)” is about heartbreak and time, the video’s climax pivots on the unexpected consequences of that phenomenon. It’s a short film that goes for the gut, and a lovely pairing for a fantastic track.

(via P4K)

Memoryhouse – “Lately (Deuxieme)”

Another version:

Memoryhouse – “Lately (Troisième)”

The “Lately” 7″ b/w a remix by Teengirl Fantasy is available for pre-order via Inflated.

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