Stream Harvey Milk – A Small Turn Of Human Kindness

Harvey Milk’s A Small Turn Of Human Kindness (Hydra Head, 5/18) is a heavy listen in all meanings of the word. Unlike 2008’s expansive, aesthetically varied comeback collection Life… The Best Game in Town, these seven songs bleed together, burrowing deeply inward as the collection plods and pounds and (slowly) shreds along: “I Just Want To Go Home,” “I Am Sick Of All This Too,” “I Know This Is No Place For You,” “I Alone Got Up And Left,” “I Know This Is All My Fault,” “I Did Not Call Out.” It has an emotionally exhausting beauty, one that finds catharsis via a relentless bleakness, tiny epiphanies, and an unexpectedly uplifting finale. Sorta: “Slowly she got up / Reached into her bag / Got her thirty-eight / And walked into the trees. / Then I heard the shot / In no time at all / I just sat in wait / I did not call out. / As I sat, I looked. / There was something everywhere. / In the pine needles / and the humus / where I sat / There was something. / In the dead gray ashes, / There was grace.” Stream it in its entirety at NPR.

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