Paul Simon Stops By The Colbert Report

Mr. Simon continued being awesome with a stop over at Stephen Colbert’s place last night. Paul was on hand to promote his new book Lyrics 1964-2008, a title which Colbert deemed utterly unpoetic (his suggestion: Word Salad Jazzmatron). Simon’s stay spanned two segments. The first had Stephen ask Simon to defend some of his hippie-era lyrics, explain what exactly Julio was doing down by the schoolyard, and why Paul needed to walk out on Cecilia to wash his face. (“Well it was the ’60s so I don’t remember.”) After wits were traded, Paul performed “American Tune,” with the stars of the flag and the city skyline hanging behind him. Utterly poetic.

A frank discussion about the book Stephen would have called Word Salad Jazzmatron:

Here’s “American Tune.”