Entrepreneurs – “Revenge Platter”

Cosign yourstruly on this track from UK producer Entrepreneurs, the only offering he’s made so far from a forthcoming EP titled  Uv Been Robbed (Joking But Not Joking) due out this summer. Shadowy and mildly funked-up synth-pop that pairs well with our recent love for Psychobuildings, with a touch of the earlier pseudo-soulful electro-funk work of Charlie Salas-Humara’s Panther project. If you pass through Entrepreneurs’ Tumblr you can hear some earlier stuff, like “Rapunzel Rot,” which couches the Beck-like timbre of his voice in appropriately One Foot In The Grave-styled weird folk, plus myriad remixes to help plot his course some more. But all that’s for a later time: Start with “Revenge Platter,” repeat:

Downloadable for an email:

Here’s a video teaser to whet your appetite for the full platter: