The Get Up Kids Reunite In Kansas City

When we announced Blake Scharzenbach and Aaron Cometbus’ Thorns Of Life, a few days ago, commenters brought up another recent ’90s resurfacing: I wouldn’t put the Get Up Kids in the same league as Jawbreaker (sorry), but the guys did just play a reunion show at the Record Bar Kansas City in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Something To Write Home About. They performed the album from start to finish, along with six bonus encore tracks. Let’s start with “Holiday” since that’s where they started.


“Action & Action”

You can watch more at YouTube via lockerpartner. They didn’t seem to get “Ten Minutes.” But this person did:

“Ten Minutes”

And, because I know you want to get choked up, here’s Matthew Pryor talking about the 2009 tour and reminiscing about the Bowery Ballroom and his engagement to his wife before playing “I’ll Catch You.”

You’ll find the encore, if you look around. Also keep your eyes open for a full-on reunion tour and a re-released of Something via Vagrant. It’ll include a DVD and photo book. And lots of emo.