Billy Corgan To Chicago: “Why Are You Upset With Us?”

These Smashing Pumpkins shows aren’t going so well. In part for their crowd-confounding setlists, but more so for their consistent devolution into excruciatingly awkward Corgan therapy sessions. The latest dispatch from the fault lines comes from the Pumpkins’ hometown shows at the Chicago Theatre. This time, for the now infamous, sarcastic and ranting “Everything Is Beautiful” encore portion of the show, Billy again turned the mic over to a ticketholder to hear the crowd’s perspective on the ongoing saga of his inexplicable meltdown. However this time his randomly selected crowd ambassador was more of a sycophant than a heckler. (“You’re the man, we trust you! You guys rule! Don’t ever stop playing. We love you. You gotta believe in yourself!”)

Oddly, you don’t get the impression that’s what Billy wanted to hear. If this is some Tony Clifton crowd-antagonizing performance art BS, consider that moment a backfire. And when Corgan takes back the mic, he continues on with the acerbic, vindictive, self-doubting, totally unhinged tone of his previous spiel which included masturbatory fantasies of bending Sarah Palin over his amp (and thinking of the audience to help get him off), comparing his fans to his ex-girlfriends (who take all his money and never love him), and generally wondering why the world is out to get him. Just watch the video:

(via Blabbermouth)

Sad. Read takes on the shows from hometown critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis. No sign of fake Iha.