Jónsi Brings “Go Do” To Ferguson

Sigur Rós introduced a more colorful visual element to their list-topping live show with their last album, the relatively ecstatic Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, though after seeing Jónsi’s new stage creation –developed in conjunction with the UK new media production company Fifty Nine Productions — you get the sense the band going on hiatus was just the excuse Jónsi needed to gratify a heavily repressed sense of ocular theater. A friend took me to one of his sold-out shows at Terminal 5 this past weekend, and it was as memorable as any Sigur Rós show I’ve seen albeit for different reasons. Of course his siren song was on fine display, an unerring instrument doctors ought to consider prescribing to patients with high blood pressure, but it takes a special stage set to upstage that stratospheric singing: The show opened with the Sigur Rós scrim in place, dropping to reveal broken glass panels, projections of birds, wildlife, and scenes of nature, recreations of rainstorms. The “Go Do” video is a fair aesthetic teaser; this version of the song for Craig Ferguson doesn’t come with those trappings, though it does spotlight the track’s fluttering beauty, and the camera wisely frames the drum work of Thorvaldur Thór Thorvaldsson. More drummers should put cymbals on their snares. Then again, more artists should work with Fifty Nine Productions. More more more.

The Go LP is out via XL.