New Jay Reatard Video – “See/Saw”

Dell produced Jay Reatard’s first official video, which is why he was last seen giving AOL the finger. It’s all about sponsorship, kids. Reatard tore through “See/Saw” on the aforementioned Spinner set, and it’s also the soundtrack to his first official video. In the clip, the Memphis garage-punk gets pushed around (slowly) in a shopping cart. And he and his cohorts also rock out. And he puts rocks on his face down on the train tracks. What did Amrit say yesterday about cheaply constructed press-cycle-extending promo material? Just kidding. (No I’m not.) It was directed by the Austin-based collective Super!Alright!.

“See/Saw” was the first A-Side in the Matador Singles ’08 series. Definitely one of his best songs. You can learn more about the video in the Dell Lounge.

Matador Singles ’08 is out via Matador.

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