And How Was Your Morning?

A) The bathroom medicine cabinet fell off the wall. Could’ve killed my fiancée. Frank the Super’s response (in very, very broken English): “Maybe you put too much stuff in it!” WTF? I know how to use a medicine cabinet, Frank. Used ‘em my whole life in fact. Do you think I’m putting pots and pans in it? Maybe it fell ’cause this apartment is made out of cardboard?

B) Who ordered the blizzard? Seriously… not cool.

C) Union Square subway shut down due to BOMB SCARE. As if I wasn’t late enough to work already. Everyone was standing around looking confused. Lots of cops.


I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

Oh, did I mention the snow? Really annoying.

Let’s see if Seventeen Seconds can soothe my jangled nerves.