Rainbow Arabia – “Holiday In Congo” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Over two EPs on Manimal Vinyl and a split 7″ (with Nosaj Thing) via IAMSOUND, Rainbow Arabia have made good on their name, toying with microtonal Arabian melodies and the sort of florid world beats it would have taken a ratty passport to discover before the Internet gods started mainlining them into our WiFi diets. But for the official clip to “Holiday In Congo,” Rainbow Arabia’s principals (Danny and Tiffany Preston) — who understand the art of the entertaining video — actually did log some frequent flier miles, shooting the clip while on tour through Brazil. Sure that’s miles off from Congo, but its culture-mash is rightly scene-setting: The band’s captured a troupe of Michael Jackson impersonators making their way through São Paulo streets, which looks as preposterously amusing as it sounds, while also nailing home something about their chosen mode of border crashing by interpolating Western pop sense into authentically foreign backdrops. The clip was edited by Isaiah Seret, who also knows about the art of the entertaining video. Smell the glove:

Rainbow Arabia – “Holiday In Congo”

Remix by French producer Myd:

Rainbow Arabia – “Holiday In Congo (Myd Remix)”

Rainbow Arabia have a full-length due out this year.