Phish Bring “Loving Cup” To Fallon For Exile On Main St. Week

All week, Jimmy’s been shining a light on the Stones-cold classic Exile On Main St. with cover performances and the occasional awkward satellite patch-in by Keith and Mick. It’s all an extended promotional celebration for the legendary LP’s reissue next week, coming to a heady head last night with Phish’s take on “Loving Cup.” For a lot of phans, “Loving Cup” marked the first (and maybe only) Rolling Stones song they could sing word-for-word — the jamband kingpins have been covering this one live as long as some of you have been alive. (The band’s relationship with the album got that much deeper this past Halloween, when Phish covered the entire album as their traditional “musical costume” out in Indio.) Whatever you think of Phish, they own their bouncy rendition of the song, the same way Trey owns that “And I know a play a bad guitar” line (and the same way he’s owned that “What a beautiful buzz” line, too). And it’s true, dude does.

In sadder news, Trey’s solo yielded at least one casualty last night. R.I.P., that dude’s face.

The Exile reissue is out 5/17 in the UK and the next day in the States via Universal Music Enterprises. Check out one of its bonus tracks, “Plundered My Soul.”