New Coldplay – “Life In Technicolor 2″

“Life In Technicolor 2,” “Lost +,” not even the track names find Coldplay trying to mask the promo-y essence of this wave of Viva-session detritus. Listening to it seems even more pointless, unless the goal’s to dull the luster of this last LP’s brightest moments in which case Coldplay you’re doing great. Again there’s “Lost+,” the “+” means Jay-Z takes it to the next level (Jay-Z does not take it to the next level) with his recycled rap. The video is even more creative. (There’s a TV onstage in the original clip, so they put Jigga’s face on it for the “+” version, this is called meaningful artist integration.). You’ll remember “Life In Technicolor” (Part 1) as the wordless chorus that set-off Viva La Vida…, the introductory fanfare that announced “Brian Eno wuz here” while racing into a “Where The Streets Have No Name” styled rev-up. As a chanted instrumental piece, it worked. With lyrics (“Gravity release me, don’t ever hold me down / Now my feet don’t touch the ground,” it’s Jack and Rose on the Titanic) and a dull Martin melody, its charm has been lost+.

That one appears on the Prospekt’s March EP, and stay tuned for another full-length next year.

[Photo by Dave Hogan for Getty]

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