ATP 2010: Curated By Pavement @ Butlin’s Holiday Centre, Minehead, UK

Pavement’s on their way to a long summer of festivals and one-off gigs, but curating an ATP is a sweet way to get things started. (It’s also a sweet way to get in some time with their side projects — both Spiral Stairs and Steve West’s marble valley played sets.) Avi Buffalo started the weekend, while Pavement headlined Saturday night and the Fall headlined the main stage on Sunday. Since Pavement chose the bands, it seemed like there were an especially large number of North American groups: The Walkmen, Broken Social Scene, Calexico, Fiery Furnaces, etc. Photographer Elena Morelli said Steve Malkmus called the “Knitting With Kelley” workshop with Kelley Deal from last May’s ATP a “for the ladies” event and promised something a bit more intense for their workshop. There was no more mention of it, so she thought it was a just a bit of jokey stage banter, but Pavement drummer Steve West held a stone masonry workshop at the “Bob The Builder” yard a day later. The workshop flyer said “no alcohol premitted” [sic] because masonry and booze go terribly together. (It should be noted that Kelley Deal started knitting as part of her sobriety program. So knitting isn’t just for the ladies — it’s for ex-addicts of all kinds.)