Menomena – “Five Little Rooms”

The hunt for new Menomena’s taken awhile, though it’s had its moments: last year the band started playing a song called “Queen Black Acid”; this past Record Store Day they released “Pilgrim’s Progress” on a split 7″, billed as a b-side to the upcoming album Mines. This morning, Menomena man Danny Seim posted a note to the band site confirming details about the anticipated Friend And Foe followup. It’s as an official addendum to that weird moment when Kathy from the Thermals did Jessica’s job and gave us a Menomena Progress Report, except it also comes with an expansive keyboard and bari-sax lined MP3, titled “Five Little Rooms,” that has a fat backbeat a five-point factsheet. For you, all of it — “Queen Black Acid,” “Pilgrim’s Progress,” the new MP3, and the five-stud trivia — awaits:


1. It’s the ninth track on our new album
2. It started out as one song a few years ago and ended up an entirely different song a few months ago
3. It prominently features the words “prostitute”, “children”, “hung”, “bridegroom”, “suburban” and “mcdonalds” (we’re edgy now, haven’t you heard?)
4. It was the last song to be chosen for the new record, which, in our perverted world, somehow makes it the most appropriate choice for the first single
5. It’s either the best or the worst song we’ve ever written; you decide!


Here’s “Pilgrim’s Progress”:

And a live take on “Queen Black Acid”:

The album’s called Mines, it’s out in the States 7/27 via Barsuk (7/26 in Europe via CitySlang). A tracklist so you can play along at home:

01 “Queen Black Acid”
02 “Taos”
03 “Killemall”
04 “Dirty Cartoons”
05 “Tithe”
06 “Bote”
07 “Lunchmeat”
08 “Oh Pretty Boy, You’re Such A Big Boy””
09 “Five Little Rooms”
10 “Sleeping Beauty”
11 “Intil”
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