The Dears Diva-nize Morrissey

The Dears Diva-nize Morrissey

Until this year’s Gang Of Losers (their best effort yet), The Dears were never mentioned without a passing reference to The Smiths, and it?s a tagline they’ve usually embraced (while pointing to other references like Serge Gainsbourg along the way). But the Canadian indie rockers had a chance to share a bill with Morrissey, and it may have shaken their adoration. Guitarist Patrick Krief told Obscure Sound (via Gigwise):

Well, I?m sorry to disappoint anybody by saying this. But I can?t deal with Morrissey. I never liked his music. I do hear the occasional reference in The Dears, but man, I think people are just lazy, They need to put a label on things.

Opening for Morrissey was a sad sight man. Seeing what success can do to people is pretty painful. Being asked to leave the building when he?s crossing the corridor, or being told to not look directly at him made me sick!

Sometimes it’s better to not meet people you admire. The whole band was pretty upset by the whole encounter. Luckily for me, I?m not a fan.

Surprising? You’ll never knock the Moz worship out of us, but then, chances of us being in the same corridor — or in a position to look directly at him off stage — are slim. Wonder what he’ll pull at his 11/21 gig in Chicago. There were some funny stories floating around Øya about his diva-ish demands (room stocked only with brands of razors and other amenities only found in his native UK — nowhere in Norway; transport provided in a particularly obscure make and color of car, etc.). The festival folks said that he made Yoko look sane by comparison. That seems like it’s saying something. Anyway, here’s our favorite track from Gang Of Losers:

The Dears – “There Goes My Outfit” (MP3 Link Expired)

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