New Coldplay – “Prospekt’s March/Poppy Fields”

We’ve been a tad cynical about the these Viva La Vida… remainders that Coldplay’s released both as one-offs and as part of the Prospekt’s March EP. But here is a track from the set that doesn’t exploit a Viva highlight in title or substance, so already we say congratulations. “Prospekt’s March / Poppy Fields” starts like a Parachutes track, slow strummed with Martin pensive in mid-register, before opening up into some slowly rising/celestial production and Pink Floyd guitars. The Floyd is apropos, actually:

What at first seems like a cliché lyric — “Don’t you wish life could be as simple / as fish swimming in a barrel” … at least they never wrote “You might be a big fish in a little pond” oh wait yes they did — pairs with a later line to recall “Wish You Were Here.” (See: “We’re just two little figures in a soup bowl”). It’s short and sweet, with some chiming Enoisms on the way out, different enough from the vibe of the LP proper, and not an LP-track retread. In other words: the EP’s not all promo filler after all.

If you haven’t seen those Coldplay outfits enough times this year, there’s always the AMAs.

[Photo of Coldplay from the 2008 America Music Awards by Vince Bucci for Getty]

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