‘Gum Drop Giveaway #65

From classy openings at opera houses around the world to the BBC commissioning a Hewlett/Albarn reprise (Journey To The East) for their 2008 Summer Olympics Coverage, we’ve kept you updated about the Monkey: Journey To The West project, involving Gorillaz collaborators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in the classic tale of a Monkey King approaching monkey enlightenment one monkey day at a time. Now we have a limited-edition Monkey deluxe vinyl box set for one Stereogum reader. It’s a select item that retails for $500. Learn more in this educational video:

If you’re more the reading type, here’s goes:

A beautifully produced collectors item, this hand-made gold-foiled box includes a super-heavyweight 200-gram vinyl double album pressed on the classic EMI 1400. Crafted by The Vinyl Factory, the Deluxe Vinyl Box Set also includes an exclusive over-sized Jamie Hewlett art poster and a 68-page booklet featuring original drawings, lyrics and interviews.

The still images:

One winner gets the set.