New Mastodon Video – “Colony Of Birchmen”

New Mastodon Video – “Colony Of Birchmen”

Hard to get around the impression that the boys in Mastodon have been geeking out Jack, Kate, and Sawyer style recently ’cause this clip — set on a vaguely tropical island replete with roaming, black clouds of smoke and familiar camera tricks and angles — plays like one of Locke’s tripping-paste-induced vision quests. The vid closes out on an illustrated circle of life, with an Om morphing into a tree, then a Blood Mountain (get it?), and finally a predatory animal scene. And oh yeah, it’s an ill song from the band that has us psyched about metal again.

While we’re sorta on the subject — fuck Benry Gale and his exploding bunny hearts, and Desmond is the messiah (as indicated by his benevolent smile).

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