Apse – “All Mine” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Apse rocked out in an autumnal outer Cape Cod attic for the “3.1” video.  They go downstairs and get more conceptually complex in the Lance Drake-directed video for mellow Climb Up track, “All Mine.” To dig deeper:

“All Mine” explores the mysteries of a dark room.  Starting out as a simple wide tableau, the room slowly opens, inviting the viewer to discover deeper what lurks in the shadows. Departing from the typical fast pace of music videos, this video allows time to stop for a moment and let the viewer sink their teeth into the distorted lullaby that is “All Mine.”

Don’t worry, that’s not even close to being a spoiler. Nor is mentioning the dancing goat-headed demon and his red balloons.

For your next haunting:

APSE – “All Mine”

Climb Up is out via ATP.

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