MTVu’s Woodies Awards 2006

We left the dorms behind a little while back, so we’ve never even seen MTVu, but when invited to Roseland Ballroom for the station’s annual Woodie Awards and told that TV On The Radio and Beck would perform, we said “Yes.” And then when they said that Catalano and 30 Seconds To Mars would be there, we said “YES!” (Sorry, if this hurts your eyes, look to the right for Eugene from Gogol Bordello.)

The show was reverent to gloth acts like AFI and Panic!, but along the way they played vids from Tapes ‘N’ Tapes and Silversun Pickups, so the bloggies were at least marginally appeased. The first award of the night, the “Breaking Woodie,” went to the Plain White Ts (or as they’re known here the “Who White What?s”), beating the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Imogen Heap, and Lupe Fiasco.

And this was after Imogen sang, dressed like a psychadelic ’80s parakeet! She should’ve won on our pity points alone.

And folks, we have confirmation: Jared Leto is indeed a total douchebag!

We saw him accost Elijah Wood, totally unprovoked, toward the end of the show. Just a good from-behind hand-on-neck jerk around with some heated words and a storm off, leaving Wood’s friends to console. Just before that, Elijah was the most serene dude, rapping with us about The Apples In Stereo. Pick your sides in that beef, people. But here Catalano is in friendly conversation with Tom DeLonge of Woodie Of The Year winning Angels & Airwaves.

And for the acts that you care about: Lady Sov was rocking her “Biggest Midget” tee and was proud to be plastered at the podium, shirking her script entirely in favor of some incoherent (yet always charming) babble while trying to get the young’ns to cheer for beers. Ghostface Killah was in the house, with props for Norah Jones (huh? Maybe he meant El Mad Mo?) and Beck gave us “Nausea” (a dish better seved in a synangogue) followed by a little “E-Pro.”

Personally, the night’s salvation came in the form of the Fred Armisen-introduced TV On The Radio. Tunde doing his best to make “Province” move the kids, but the show closing “Wolf Like Me” was much better suited to the ADHD-addled minds of generation tomorrow. Even then, the best review we heard for TVOTR while on the way out was “Dude had a massive ‘fro!” Guess you can’t argue with that. And who had the most fun that we saw? Two words: The Subways.