TV On The Internet Buzz

  • NBC and Maverick Films (Madonna’s company) are developing a TV mini-series about a group of twentysomethings living in the 80s. It starts with John Lennon’s assassination and ends with the fall of the Berlin wall. I think Hilary Duff should play Debbie Gibson.

  • Kevan’s friend BJ (you may have seen him on Punk’d or doing stand-up on Conan) is going to be writing for the American version of The Office! What an awesome job. Don’t fuck up BJ!

  • Like the rest of us, Ultragrrrl has many questions about MTV’s new series I Want A Famous Face in which people get extreme makeovers to look more like the celeb of their choice (last week two twins turned into almost Brad Pitts). No, I don’t know who pays for the surgery. But here are the “faces” you’ll see in future episodes:
    – Britney
    – Kate Winslett
    – Pamela Anderson
    – J. Lo
    – Elvis (Presley, not Costello)